We are excited to bring you the 7th annual Green Stride Newburyport Half Marathon & Relay on October 22nd! We experienced tremendous growth in the last three years and look forward to continuing a great tradition here in 2017.  Has been voted “Best Half Marathon” in the North Shore as well as the “Best Post-Race Party” by the North Shore Road Race Guide, we plan on keeping our fun, scenic and challenging environment. The post-race party has good food, great beer and some rockin’ bands that will help carry on the tradition of our award-winning post-race parties (pretty cool – we know).  The historic, scenic course and ideal October running conditions in New England are sure to bring a wonderful atmosphere to Newburyport on October 22nd.

Eli Bailin

Start talking to Eli about running and the conversation will probably end about something else such as surfing or treasure hunting.  He’ll say “I don’t know a lot about much but I know a little about most things.”  His energy is contagious and personality is uplifting.  He brings the creative side to Green Stride and is always looking to make things better.  He’s a yo-yo champion with an actual trick named after him (feel free to google the “Eli Hop”) and loves to spend time with his family in the Florida Keys.

Lauretta Bailin

Aside from being a mother of three young children, training for the triathlon worlds (she made Team U.S.A in Milwaukee) and being an award winning special education teacher in Lawrence, Lauretta is the unsung hero of Green Stride.  She has sincere love and passion for the sport of running and infuses that mindset into Green Stride events.  For every decision that is made, you can guarantee Lauretta first asked the question, “What would a runner want?”  She’s an avid reader and loves her book club.

Andre Bailin

If you’ve been to a Green Stride race, you’ve come into contact with Andre at some point. He may have handed you water at one of the stops or perhaps you were chasing him in his leprechaun costume when he led the St. Patty’s race.  Maybe you heard him blow the bull horn at a start line or watched him recite his heartfelt poems onstage at the Newburyport Half Marathon.  Andre officially organized his first race last June.  The Rock CAN Run Loud and Hard Mile was an instant classic that combines bringing a community together for a fun event as well as a food drive.  Once you read about this event in his words, it’s impossible not to participate.  In fact, thanks to Align Credit Union coming on as the title sponsor for 2015, he has already tripled money raised for Our Neighbors Table from 2014!